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Grass Clippings/Leaves in Ditches

Monday, November 03, 2014

November 3, 2014


To:  Williams Township Residents


Re:  Grass Clippings/Leaves Being Placed in Roadside Ditches


In the interest of all township residents, be advised that placing leaves and/or grass clippings either along or into a roadside ditch, stops the movement of water being drained from the roads.  This results in water possibly backing up into someone’s property or even their basements.

Leaves and grass clippings deteriorate as they should.  The result is that this deterioration ultimately turns into dirt; dirt fills the ditches and causes blockages for water to move away from an affected area.  In order for water to drain properly, the ditches need to be cleaned at the expense of taxpayers throughout the entire township.


Bay County roads, including all township and subdivision roads, are maintained by the Bay County Road Commission (BCRC).   The cost to have work done on these roads, whether it’s ditch cleaning, road repair, complete reconstruction, or  brush removal, falls on each individual township.  So in order to remove this debris from the ditches, every taxpayer contributes to this cost.


The BCRC is currently in the process of developing and adopting a policy with regard to this problem of placing grass clippings and leaves into roadside ditches.  When it is completed, the details will be posted on the BCRC web-site at, and will also be posted on our website at  The Bay County Drain Commission (BCDC) already has a policy in effect covering this same problem (see reverse).


In the meantime, please do not place leaves, grass clippings, or any debris that will block the movement of water in any ditch.  This could result in damage to someone’s property, including your own.




Paul Wasek

Williams Township Supervisor

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