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Animal Licenses

All dogs and cats four months of age or older are

required to have a current rabies vaccination and license.

Animal licenses now expire the last day of the month in

which the previous rabies vaccination was administered.

For example, if the last rabies vaccination was given

June 10, 2016, your animal's current license will expire

June 30, 2016. Please check your animal's last rabies

certificate to see which month its license will come due.

For animals that are currently licensed, a renewal notice

will be sent to you (from the Bay County Treasurer)

approximately two (2) months before the expiration date.

If you are buying a license in person, please bring the

renewal notice and your animal's rabies vaccination

certificate. If your animal's rabies vaccination expires

this year, you must get a new vaccination and show

proof of the new vaccination prior to purchasing the


The 2018 license fees are $10.00 for a spayed or neutered

animal and $30.00 for an unaltered animal. A 3-year license

is now being offered.  However, a 3-year license may only be

purchased if your animal has received a 3-year rabies vacination. 

The cost for a 3-year license is $25.00 for a spayed or neutered

animal and $75.00 for an unaltered animal. 

Licenses may be purchased at any participating veterinarian or

township office, Bay County Animal Control, or the Bay

County Treasurer's office.

Licenses not renewed by the last day of the month in

which your rabies was given will be considered

delinquent and an additional $20.00 late fee will be

charged. Delinquent licenses are only sold at the Bay

County Treasurer's office and Bay County Animal