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Talking Trash Pamplet from DEQ- Landfill Prohibited Materials and Appropriate Disposal Options

Materials Prohibited in Landfill per Waste Management Letter


 Waste Management Customer Service:

Please call Waste Management at 1-800-796-9696 to report any problems or if you have any questions.  Be sure to let Waste Management know you are from Williams Township, Bay County.

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Curbside Trash, Recycle, and Yard Waste Collection





Trash, Recycling, & Yard Waste Collection by Waste Management

Trash is collected on a weekly basis. Recycling is collected every other week (see 2014 recycle schedule). Yard waste is collected every week from the beginning of April through the end of November. Please have your trash, recycling, and yard waste out at the curb or road shoulder by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.  Trash, recyclables, and yard waste collection days in Williams Township are Tuesday or Wednesday (see Map).  Large items such as appliances and furniture are collected by a special truck and may be picked up on another day.


Please do not place grass clippings, yard waste, or any type of debris in ditches.  This contributes to poor drainage for you, your neighbors, and the entire township.  Thank you for your help and understanding


Following are general provisions of the service provided through the Township's contract with Waste Management of Michigan (WMM):


Trash Collection

  • Please bag all trash including trash whether in or out of trash cans including "Green Monsters."  This helps assure that the trash ends up in the truck and not blowing around your neighborhood.
  • A container or bundle must weigh 50 pounds or less.
  • Construction, repair, remodeling or demolition materials are limited to a total of 50 pounds per week; materials must be bagged, or bundled no longer than 4 feet in length.  NO LOOSE PILES WILL BE PICKED UP.
  • The following items are included as household goods and are the responsibility of WMM to collect: Tables; washers; dryers; refrigerators; chairs; stoves; sewing machines; televisions; hot water tanks; sofas; yard furniture; bed springs and beds. (Please note that there is no extra charge to Williams Township residents to pick up these items). 
  • To assure timely pickup of large items, such as appliances and furniture, call WMM at 1-800-796-9696 (Large items are picked up by a special truck). Be sure to tell WMM Customer Service that you are in Williams Township, Bay County.
  • The following items are not included as household goods, and are not the responsibility of WMM for disposal: Construction, repair, remodeling or demolition refuse weighing over 50 pounds other than defined household goods; hazardous refuse; industrial refuse; bundled brush in excess of size limitations; beverage containers; loose brush; old motor vehicles or bodies; whole tires; automotive batteries; explosives; hot ashes; dead animals.
  • WMM will pick up car tires that have been cut in half. 


Recycling Collection

  • Please refer to the Recyclable Materials Preparation Guide for a list of recyclable materials. 
  • Cardboard must be broken down flat and placed in a recycle bin, or tied in bundles up to 2 feet long and 2 feet wide, and weighing less than 50 pounds per bundle.
  • Recycle bins were provided to all residences when this service began.  Newly constructed homes are provided an initial recycle bin is free.  Additional bins are available for $7.00 each at the Township Office.


Yard Waste Collection

  • Yard waste is collected every week from the beginning of April through the end of November.
  • Yard Waste must be placed in containers marked "Yard Waste" or in paper bags, with containers or bags weighing less than 50 pounds each. 
  • Yard waste means compostible, organic material consisting of grass clippings, hedge and tree prunings, weeds, brush, leaves and other yard wastes excluding trees. 
  • All trees, wood, lumber, hedge and tree trimmings or other items must be bundled in lengths not exceeding 48", individual pieces not exceeding 2" in diameter, bundles not exceeding 24" in diameter and not weighing more than 50 pounds per bundle.


Christmas Tree Collection 

  • Put your live Christmas tree out by the road and it will be picked up on your regular trash collection day during the first two weeks in January. Trees must be free of garland and tinsel and can not be in a bag of any kind. Regular yard waste will not be picked up during this time.


"Green Monster" Receptacles Available to Lease

An optional service that is available from WMM for a nominal fee is the availability of 96 gallon, "Green Monster" receptacles. These are the 96-gallon, large green receptacles on wheels with covers that are seen in several neighboring communities. Williams Township residents can lease a "Green Monster" directly from Waste Management. The current cost is $1.50 per month billed annually, and includes any maintenance required to the receptacle, like wheels or covers. Please call Waste Management Customer Service at 1-800-796-9696 if you are interested in leasing a "Green Monster."


Questions: Please call the Waste Management at 1-800-796-9696 or the Township Office at 662-4241 if you have any questions.  When contacting Waste Management Customer Service, be sure to inform them that you are in Williams Township, Bay County.

This page last updated on 12/18/2014.
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