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Roadside Brush Chipping

Brush Chipping Policy

 Williams Township continues to offer a roadside residential brush chipping service.

This service is offered for residents that have trimmed their own trees, cleaned up debris after a storm, or as an alternative to open burning.

 To utilize this service, the following must be observed: 

  • Brush up to 4” in diameter can be chipped.
  • Brush must be placed at road shoulder with all stems (large ends) facing towards the road.
  • Chipping pile must NOT exceed 4’ x 4’x 12’.
  • Any chipping pile that exceeds 4’ x 4’ x 12’ will have a minimum fee of $75 to be paid PRIOR to any chipping being done.
  • Brush must be cut into no greater than 12’ in length and piled appropriately for one person to reasonable handle.
  • Residents are allowed one chipping request per month.
  • Brush must be from your own residence and not hauled in from another location.
  • Root balls must be removed from all shrubs and bushes- dirt and stones embedded in root ball may damage equipment.
  • Commercial tree cutting services and “For Hire” tree cutters must dispose of trees and brush they cut and trim.
  • When your brush is at the road, ready to be chipped, call the Township Office at 989-662-4241 x10 to be placed on chipping list.

 If you have a small amount of brush, bag it or bundle it up for regular trash pick-up on your normal trash collection day. Brush for Yard Waste pick-up must be placed in paper “yard waste” bags or tied together in bundles up to 24 inches in diameter, up to 48 inches in length and weighing no more than 50 pounds per bundle with individual pieces not exceeding 2 inches in diameter.

Call the Township Office at (989) 662-4241, ext. 10 to be placed on the Chipping List.  Brush must be at the curb or road shoulder and ready for chipping at the time of your call.