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Building Department/Zoning Administrator

NOTICE: A certificate of occupancy cannot be issued for a new residence unless the house number is located in a position that makes it clearly visible from the road.

Fireworks Ordinance #181

Zoning Ordinance #33  (ZBA Fence Ruling)

Subdivision Ordinance #48

Burning Ordinance #90

Burning Permit Guidelines

Blight Ordinance #136

Noxious Vegetation Ord. #171

Marihuana Prohibition Ordinance No. 191

ORV Ordinance #193

Cargo, Shipping, Storage Containers Ord. No. 195

Permit Applications



Building Department Hours 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM Monday thru Thursday.  We may be out of the office during the day making inspections. If you need an inspection or want to meet with an inspector at any time please call for an appointment.

Phone: Zoning Adm. or Electrical Inspector (989) 662-2675, ext. 18, Building Inspector  (989) 662-2675, ext. 19.