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Boards & Commissions

Many opportunities exist for property owners and residents to serve the township on various Boards and Commissions.  The seven members of the Board of Trustees are elected every four years at the November general election at the same time as the President of the United States.  In turn, the Board of Trustees makes many appointments to other township boards and commissions including the following:

  • Planning Commission- 6 members at large
  • Zoning Board of Appeals- 3 members at large
  • Auburn/Williams Recreation Association- 5 members at large
  • Board of Review- 3 members at large
  • Auburn/Williams Fire District Board- 2 members at large
  • Building Board of Appeals- 3 members at large

To the many folks that serve on these boards and associations, thank you for your commitment to public service and the property owners and residents of Williams Township.

Join a Board or Commission

If you are interested in applying for an appointment to a township board or association, please feel free to complete an Application For Appointed Township Boards and Commissions and submit it to the Township Supervisor or Clerk for consideration as vacancies arise.


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