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POSTPONED: Midland Road Reconstruction & Storm Sewer Replacement Schedule

by Kellie Andrus
Monday, August 24, 2020


August 20, 2020

Tentative Midland Road Reconstruction & Full Storm Sewer Replacement Schedule:

2021 – Midland Road: US-10 overpass to Carter Road (1.6 miles).  All Bay County Road Commission (BCRC) funding, no Federal-Aid

2022 – Midland Road: Carter Road to Eleven Mile Road (1.0 miles, MATS participation)

2023 – Midland Road: Eleven Mile to Garfield (1.0 miles)

These projects fall into the $1.25 to $1.50 million per mile category.  The sections with extensive drainage work may be more.  At a minimum, add $50,000 for design and construction inspection for each project.  BCRC is currently designing these in-house, but if this proves too big a task, the design figure could go up substantially.

The possibility of installing sidewalks in conjunction with the Midland Road Reconstruction & Full Sewer Replacement Project is currently being explored.

Midland Road: 7 Mile Road to Auburn City Limits-we hope to get this stretch in one of these years as a mill & fill, like we did from Mackinaw to 7 Mile.  This section was done as a result of bid savings (money left over), at the last minute before the snow flew.  Hopefully, one of these years will provide enough (or we are able to actually include as a line item in the budget) to improve this section.

The above is the schedule as it stands today. Info subject to change due to COVID or any other unforeseen issues

Per Jim Lillo, Engineering Manager BCRC