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Pine Grove Cemetery

Pine Grove Cemetery is township owned and located two miles west and one-half mile north of Auburn, on the northwest corner of Eleven Mile and North Union Roads. 

In 1868, the Williams Township Board of Health authorized a township burial ground and voted to purchase land for that purpose.  The cemetery was surveyed and platted in 1875 although burials had been made before that time.  Each "lot" had spaces for six burials and sold for $5.00. 

The cemetery contains seventy 19th century graves; the oldest is dated 1871. The center lot of the original plat is the "Soldiers' Mound", where Memorial Day services are held. 

Pine Grove Cemetery was recognized as a historic site on October 12, 1990 and is listed in the Michigan State Register of Historic Sites by the Michigan Historical Commission. 

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Pine Grove Cemetery Fees

Space Fees:

Per Space

Resident Space Price (must reside in Williams Twp. or City of Auburn)

$ 250.00

Non-Resident Space Price

$ 1,000.00

Burial Rights Certificate Transfers

$ 25.00

Burial Fees:




Adult/Child Age 6+

$ 550.00

$ 650.00


Infant- Birth thru age 5

$ 200.00

$ 300.00


Winter Burials: Dec 1 thru Mar 31

Additional $100 to above fee schedule


Cremains Interment

$ 150.00

$ 175.00


Cremains placed into above-ground memorial

$ 75.00

$ 75.00


Please note there are no cremains buried during the winter season, December 1 thru March 31.

Headstone Foundations:
Foundations are $.40 per square inch and will not be constructed until the fee has been paid in full. Memorials/Monument may not exceed 14” in depth. Single space (plot) foundations may not exceed 36” in length, double space (plot) foundations may not exceed 72” in length.

Williams Township supplies Veteran flag holders and flags on all Veteran spaces for Memorial Day and removes them after Veterans Day.

The Williams Township Department of Public Works acts as the sexton for the Pine Grove Cemetery.

For more information contact:
Jerry Putt, Clerk: (989) 662-4408 x 15
Kathy Wackerle, Deputy Clerk: (989) 662-4408 x 16
Dan Doran, Sexton: (989) 662-4241 x 17 or ddoran@williamstwp.com

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