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Township Hall Rental Fees



Effective May 24, 2021

Auditorium, Bar Room and Kitchen

Auditorium $300.00
Bar Room (65 persons) $175.00
Kitchen (warming only & walk in cooler) $100.00
Kitchen (Full Use of) $150.00
Decorating Hall (Friday before wedding) $75.00
Security Guards (2 Officers) $225.00
Meetings – Auditorium $125.00
Meetings – Bar Room $75.00
Community Service Groups (Bar Room) $50.00
Special Consideration (Board Approval) $100.00 (Base Amount)
Funeral Meal 4Hr Max,NO ALCOHOL,9am to 8pm Contact Twp. for rates
Golden Anniversary (Township Resident) *Free (*Additional Fees for Damage Deposit & Security Guards)
Security Deposit(Refundable if everything is left clean) $150.00Whole Hall/or $75.00 Bar Room
Sign Rental $10.00/Per Day
Kitchen-Oven Clean-Up $25.00/Per Hour


The hall is unavailable and cannot be rented on the following Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or New Years Eve.