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Property Tax Information

July 1 - You should receive your Summer Property Tax Bill. If you do not receive your tax bill by July 1, or shortly thereafter, let our office know as soon as possible so we can send you a duplicate bill. Be sure to review your tax bill as soon as you get it to verify that all information is correct (i.e. address, principal residence exemption status, etc). If there are any errors, please contact our office immediately so the necessary correction can be made.

July 1 to Sept 14 - Summer taxes may be paid or deferred. If you qualify and plan to defer your summer property taxes, stop by the Treasurer's office as soon as possible to sign a deferment form. A new form must be executed each year. 

Beginning Sept 15th - there will be a 1% per month interest penalty added. 

You may pay your property taxes in person at the Treasurer's office by mail, or place your payment in our drop box located in the front of our office building. NO CASH, PLEASE!

For any tax related questions, please call Debbie or Linda at 662-4091.